Real Stories of Real Women

Listen to the heartbeat of empowerment through the voices of real ‘Sakhi’ women entrepreneurs.


Sudha Swamy

Advocate, Suukarsh And Associates (Civil Law)

Sudha advocates for maintaining faith in life's beauty amidst adversity and emphasises the limitless potential for achievement through determination and optimism.


Astha Deshmukh

Founder, Q10 Analytics

Astha highlights the importance of prioritizing personal happiness to positively impact others, sharing Astha's journey of overcoming the pressure to please everyone and offering support to women in technology through remote collaboration and training opportunities.


Jaanvi Keswani

Founder, Aaesthetic Homes

Janvi stresses the importance of perseverance despite criticism, drawing from her own experiences. She offers support to women by connecting them within their industries and providing consultation services.


Komal Dave

Director Consultant, Dave's Tours & Travels

Komal wants to empower aspiring women entrepreneurs through BNI. With her own journey as a guide, she wants to help women step out of their comfort zones, embrace challenges, and achieve success in their businesses.


Seema Dureja

Founder, Healthy Trails

Seema says have faith in yourself, trust your dreams, and continue manifesting. When you manifest in life, the universe is destined to reciprocate in various forms. Begin by jotting down your dreams and maintaining belief in your abilities.


Dr. Mitu Kumari

Dental Surgeon, Dentalive Multi-speciality Dental Clinic

Dr. Mitu says persist in your endeavours regardless of obstacles and embrace continuous learning. Cultivate gratitude and find joy in your journey. Challenge yourself, take risks, and refuse to be deterred by setbacks


Supriya Sawant

Founder, HR Innovate

Supriya advises female business owners to embrace exploration and never underestimate themselves. She can assist women who wish to re-enter the workforce by connecting them with companies that have diversity and inclusive initiatives.


Shanti Ayappan

Founder, Iyer's Accounting Services

Shanti encourages girls to trust in their abilities, make decisions thoughtfully, and stand firm in their beliefs regardless of external opinions, emphasizing responsibility, adherence to the law, openness to criticism, and supportive camaraderie among peers.


Sonal Jitiya

Founder, Fusion Tattoos

Sonal advocates for women's empowerment and autonomy, emphasizing the importance of independence and the ability to make decisions without external influence, highlighting the need to resist societal pressures and assert one's voice and choices.


Nivva Yousuf

Financial Consultant, Nivva Insurance & Financial Consultancy

Nivva Yousuf emphasises the importance of taking initiative and seeking guidance, particularly for women, to overcome challenges and strive towards personal and professional fulfillment.


Saba Qureshi

Founder/Distributer, Q-Wares

Saba says that all the women grappling with challenges in pursuing business endeavours due to family obligations, childcare, or other reasons, should consider engaging in a business by stepping out of their comfort zone, without any initial investment.


Nidhi Nandu

Founder, Sugar Rush

Beginning her enterprise at the tender age of 23, Nidhi Nandu is one of those women who believe passion wins missions. A lady who would’ve become a CMA but now a baker credits her success to the entrepreneurial spirit of her father.


Dr. Nuzzhat Jahan

Physiotherapist, Care Clinic & Physiofitt Physiotheraphy Centre

Dr. Nuzzhat depicts the importance of resilience in the face of criticism, urging women to surround themselves with supportive individuals, focus on their strengths, and believe in their worth, while disregarding negativity and drawing strength from the encouragement of their well-wishers.


Sneha Gupta

Artist & Art Educator, Wanderlust Art Studio India

Sneha advocates for consistent daily dedication to business growth, prudent financial management, and early exploration of personal strengths, particularly in the days of youth, along with exceling in one's field.


Harmeet Munde

Founder, AngelBars

Harmeet is of the opinion that often under setbacks, we accept failure. But, one should keep trying in every circumstance. Tragedies aren't the end; don't lose hope. As a woman, your talents, shaped with the right mindset, can lead to success.


Nuzzhat Dandekar

Founder, Zoya Mehndi-n-makeover

Nuzzhat says stay strong and never lose courage. Life throws many challenges your way, even moments where you consider giving up. But, she firmly believes that women have unique strengths and multitasking abilities.


Jaie Thanekar


Jaie extends an invitation for support and guidance, aiming to prevent others from encountering the challenges she faced. Whether it's navigating the intricacies of starting a business or seeking assistance in the field of music, Jaie offers her expertise.


Sakina Neswankar

Founder, Saska Events

Sakina emphasizes the necessity for women to prioritize self-care and self-love amidst familial and volunteer commitments, advocating for fostering independence in children and highlighting the importance of self-confidence and personal development for fulfillment.


Fatma Khan

Founder, Lotus House Of Sarees & Dresses

Fatma says everyone encounters challenging phases in life, and embarking on new endeavors often serves as a test from a higher power to assess one's perseverance and commitment to their chosen path. The key is to maintain your willpower and continue moving forward.


Mamta Jaju

Legal Assistant, Jurist Chambers

Mamta encourages maintaining a balance between independence and humility, emphasizing the importance of family values, openness to learning from diverse sources, and the profound impact of humility on both personal success and happiness


Shehzin Naik

Founder, The Gourmet House

Shehzin advocates for women pursuing their passions while emphasizing the importance of financial independence and education, offering opportunities for collaboration and learning through YouTube channels, recipes, and techniques.


Priti Uppal

Co-Founder & Director, Safal Fintech

Priti Uppal, a lady who despite pregnancy and related concerns helped her husband in his business by upholding earning as a life Insurance executive from her end, has always believed that persistence always wins in life.


Sunanda Tembulkar

Co-Founder, Smile Investor

Sunanda stresses the importance of not succumbing to self-doubt or the demands of childcare and household responsibilities. She urges womem to recognize their potential and to persistently pursue their interests, never giving up on their endeavours.


Shraddha Shanbhag

Co-Founder, Naksha

Shraddha encourages women entrepreneurs to proactively network, gain industry knowledge, seek guidance from experienced professionals, and maintain consistency, with Naksha offering comprehensive support and mentorship.


Preeti Ranga

Fashion Designer, Shukrana Boutique

Preeti want to inspire girls and women to embrace their creative side, regardless of their field. Even with an engineering background, she has pursued creative ventures, showing that anything is possible.


Kirandeep Kaur

Founder, Taksh Designs

Kirandeep says believe in yourself and operate with absolute integrity. Success will naturally follow if you maintain honesty in your endeavours. There's no need to dwell on the past. As women, we possess a unique ability to nurture and shape businesses.


Sarika Dhumal

Founder, Sara's Live Cake Shop

Sarika believes women and girls should stay grounded and humble by connecting to their roots, prioritizing patience and dedication over shortcuts, and she emphasises the importance of self-respect and respect for others.


Sonali Kavthekar

Founder, Shree Vishwaneel Clinic

Sonali says be courageous, believe in yourself, and seize opportunities. Prioritize self-care and pursue goals despite others opinions. Step out of your comfort zone, embrace inevitable struggles, and rely on hard work, dedication, and self-assurance.


Priyanka Dhir

Founder, Pride Jems & Jewellers

Priyanka wants to convey to women starting their entrepreneurial journey, the importance of differentiation. Additionally, she emphasizes the significance of setting pricing that stands out as notably superior and distinct from others in the market.


Pramodini Shetty

Founder & Director, Nritya Dance & Events

Pramodini aims to inspire women to pursue their passions and believe in themselves. By listening, mentoring, and sharing her own experiences, she hopes to instill confidence and foster mental well-being, enabling women to achieve their aspirations.


Avneet Talwar

Co-Founder & SMM, Strategy by Shivani Shelar

Avneet encourages women to embrace opportunity, emphasizing that confidence and perseverance pave the path to overcoming challenges and achieving success.


Vasundhara Jakka

Corporate Trainer, Mind Spark Consultants

Vasundhara's driving force was her determination to break free from a stagnant phase and by doing this, set an example for women who had stepped back from their careers. She aims to empower and inspire such women to reclaim their confidence and potential.


Vimala Nandakumar

Chairperson, Shaktii Girl's Education Trust

Vimala believes every woman ought to have the courage to envision and accomplish her aspirations. Once a woman embarks on her dreams, she will naturally attract supportive individuals into her life. It's essential for women to venture out and explore their passions.


Reema Thakkar

Travel Planner, Traveller's World

Reema, a woman who was raised in a relatively underdeveloped area of Vasai, has always been an unstoppable force. She completed a B. Com degree and a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing and secured an Internship at ICICI bank, a milestone that she has cherished all these years.


Aishwarya Mohite

Co-Founder & CEO, Annotation Infotech LLP

Aishwarya Mohite believes that unstoppable is a perfect word to describe her. She took an entrepreneurial journey with her soul sister, Rashmi and have created a juggernaut of a business amidst the whirlwind of uncertainties of the entrepreneurial world.


Sonia Kuralkar

Co-Founder, Aurk Vision

Sonia believes women should pursue their dreams with full dedication, highlighting the need for support from loved ones and active encouragement from men in women's empowerment


Asma Khan

Founder, Fairydust Gift Shop

Asma encourages women to recognize their intrinsic worth beyond education, empowering them to shape their paths, prioritize personal growth and relationships, take initiative, and seek assistance from her.


Nalini Pabale Chaskar

Director, SB Scaffolding (I)

Nalini celebrates the diverse talents and capabilities of women across various roles, advocating for the embrace of potential, defiance of stereotypes, and collective effort to redefine standards, and drive innovation.


Poonam Lama

Founder, Chettri Insurance Sevices

Poonam strongly belleves that any woman aspiring to be an entrepreneur should pursue her dreams without hesitation. Women often underestimate their capabilities, yet we possess the strength to endure losses, bounce back, and inspire others.


Seema Trivedi

Founder, RKT Financial Sevices

Seema's message to women is to embrace their worth, pursue financial independence, and take pride in their existence as creators. She urges all women to believe in themselves, add value each day, and shape their destinies.